About Us

Our Story

It all started with an idea that evolved into reality in 2018 when it was all about baking small treats and desserts to our recurring customers. In the long run, our regular patrons fell in love with our diverse dessert offerings. As we progressed, yes ondeh was born.

Yes ondeh has been flourishing within Damansara Perdana over the past few years. We specialize in the production of buns, cakes, pastries, and bread. Each pastry, cake, and varied desserts are all unique and catered to your preferred sense of indulgence. We create each product using only the freshest natural ingredients concocted using traditional recipes. 

The overwhelming response from our patrons has boosted our confidence to enter into the market. 

Just say, yes ondeh, to spread happiness.

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Who we are

We created something special. one bite and undeniably will imprint to your palate. pure and natural ingredients is what we can offer you.

What we do

Our dedication to making exceptional quality and providing fresh cakes and pastries is our main concern.

Why choose us

Everything we do is about authenticity. Absolute fresh cakes and pastries baked daily by yes ondeh is something that we are delighted to provide our patrons.


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